About Noosativa

Noosativa’s seed was planted in January 2009 when I took over Noosa Medical Centre as a solo GP. Through hard work, sweat and tears, that seed has germinated and grown into a holistic-based care model to help you heal and promote homeostasis, health and happiness.  


I have always held a deep respect for the living condition and studied medicine to learn  how  science and society have contributed to health and well-being. After 14 years of General Practice and the recent legislation allowing medical prescribing of cannabis, I have reached a fork in the road.  

“I can do the Medicine” – I often tell my patients. But it’s more about engaging each person to stop dis-easing themselves, and start to heal and reconnect with their inner energies - starting with a very simple acceptance of our choice for relaxation versus STRESS.  

We are essentially energy, a life force interacting and connected to the world around us – even the stars far beyond our galaxy.  


Cells and multicellular organisms have been doing their thing for billions of years. Changing their physical and chemical properties in response to changes in the external and internal environment.  


Dis-ease and the illness model of western medicine has run its race.  Global consciousness is calling to return to a simpler and  more complete existence.  


Stress is unhealthy. We have choices. Reconnect and heal.  

Homeostasis and  Equilibrium. You are a child of the stars. You are unique. Love yourself. Reconnect with your primal being.  


I’m holistic by nature and treat mental health very seriously. Without a peaceful brain we have dis-ease.  


You don’t have to meditate like a Buddhist Monk, or practice slow deep breathing every hour. You need to allow your mind, body and soul to reconnect and find a calm steady state that can maintain its inner fire and energy. Without this life force we are ….. “dead” … or transformed into a new relationship with the Universe.  


The more clinical evidence I collect about medicinal cannabis, the more driven I am to help people to help themselves.  

It’s not Rocket Science. We get ourselves into states of Dis-ease, so we can get ourselves back into states of well-being.  


We are here as a result of millions of generations of living experiments before us. Survival, adaptation, chance, luck. We have inherited an amazing and continuing gift. It’s up to each individual,  their families, community and societies to nurture, experience and explore this gift. And allow generations to come to share this wonder called life.  


I’m here to help you heal, open your heart, reconnect,  and continue your amazing journey.  


You are blessed.